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days after a texas rangers fan was killed trying to catch a ball a scary scene out at the all-star home run derby what happened here fox 5 morning news continues right now. take a lookout side folks getting their exercise in, this is the time to do it. 78 degrees, 7:00 p.m. on tuesday morning. brace yourselves if you thought yesterday was hot, today's high expected to be even higher. heat warning in effect for 17 states in the midwest and the south. pushing triple digits good morning thanks for being with us. we are really stretching that band all the way out on this heat thing it is crazy. >> tony is right i love the heat, but yesterday was one of those days i felt i could have taken six showers and still not cooled off. >> you are absolutely right. well, yeah. it is going to be hot today. just telling you some times
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they have sprinklers set up, run through or walk through them. >> cool down. >> it is helpful. dangerous heat going to feel like it is over 100 degrees later on this afternoon. let me show you the headline the summer heat is in full effect a heat advisory does go into effect, at noon and lasts until 8:00 p.m., washington dc all the county that is you see colored in there, that is because with the heat, temperatures in the upper 90s to near 100 and humidity it will feel like it is between 100 and 105 degrees maybe warmer for parts of the area this afternoon a brutal day. let's look at the radar image this morning. we are fine this morning we have had some cloud a little bit of moisture in the air down near fredericks burg, points south and west and rain showers we have seen this morning in portions of southern west virginia they have pushed out into southwestern virginia, portions of eastern kentucky,
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north carolina we can't rule out a couple thunderstorms popping up today. hazy, hot, humid look for a high of 99 degrees regan national that will tie the record for this day, 99 in frederick, 99 in fredericks burg. more weather coming up in a bit. alison back the you. tony thanks here is a traffic alert in clarksboro a small part of the commute impacted by a major gas leak that started yesterday, tied up parts of 270, northbound clarks burg road for hours debris flew out of a manhole, spewing some sort of smoke no one was hurt today the drive around there should be much better. good morning julie. >> hey, good morning alison. what a difference a day makes virtually not a lot happening at the scene of this water main break effecting traffic that was 270 has been reopened, it
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was reopened overnight traffic flowing freely between 109 and german town. no incidents there. traffic can access the ramp to head eastbound 121 the only thing left that is blocked there the right lane blocked, 121 between 70 and 121. the big tie up along 66, monassis and from 70 to 100 trying to get up monument drive accident activity on the shoulder. braddock to pennsylvania, they turned the camera on the accident on the bridge dice peered, college -- disappeared, college park, northbound 5, on the brakes, cedarville to brandy wine. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. an 8-year-old boy abducted in broad daylight in front of friends this happened in baltimore but a statewide amber
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alert is in effect for derek brown junior. stacy. >> reporter: well, this young man could be any where in the state police really want you to take a good look at what is happening it is a frightening tale of a brazen abduction here is his picture 8-year-old derek brown junior was walking with a group of friends 6:30 p.m. last night 300 block gwen avenue. two men pulled up grabbed derek threw him in a trunk of a car and sped away. here is a picture of the vehicle, a newer model light green ford taurus it does have a maryland license plate we don't have a tag number yet. derek was last seen wearing black shorts and black t-shirt with a red and white rocket on the front. this happened in a neighbourhood, southwest baltimore, 6:30 p.m. last night derek could be any where at this point no one has seen or heard from him since
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the abduction police are talking with friends and family and anyone with information is urged to contact police. >> thank you very much. in the meantime we could be one step closer to finding out what happened to felicia barnes the 16-year-old from north carolina went missing in baltimore last november her body was found five months later in the river. they are seeking access to her facebook and e-mail accounts fbi is looking into whether if 16-year-old was the victim of sexual exploitation or child pornography before she was killed. another arrest in the murder of a man during the caribbean festival in the northwest last month. 43-year-old robert foster junior was shot after the parade wrapped up three were wounded as well. monday 19-year-old terrence bush northeast was arrested, two others also face murder charges. >> surveillance video lead
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police to a 23-year-old woman accused in the brutal murder of a well known business owner, ashley owens was seen shortly before the april murder of richard nam she confessed stabbing him with a box cutter beating him with a chain saw and stealing $2,000 cash she allegedly set the market on fire to cover up the crime. >> i think it is great. why would you kill some body. he was a good guy. still is in my heart god rest his soul. prince georges county police say owennam knew each other but don't know what set off the rampage. in the debt ceiling negotiations lawmakers back at it the president sits down with congressional leaders again to avoid a possible default on some of the nations bills as doug luzader reports, talk from compromise but just not much action. >> they met for an hour and a half yesterday but today they will pick up right where they
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left off. >> it is becoming groundhog day at the white house. >> all right guys, this is the same as yesterday only we are wearing ties today. with are verbal shove out the door, reporters were left wondering how another day of talks went. we are creeping closer and closer to the debt ceiling deadline. there are reports the president is now backing an increase in medicare eligibility age from 65 to 67 but two areas where he won't budge. taxes must go up and he is not interested in a short term deal that would require more debt talks as he is running for re- election next year. i will not sign a 30 day or 60 day or 90 day extension that is just not an acceptable approach. >> new taxes in any form including an end to deductions are not going to fly with republicans. >> but the american people will
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not accept and the house cannot pass a bill that raises taxes on job creators. >> all of which means they will be back in this room gain today wearing different ties no doubt but the position are not likely to change. >> we might as well do it now pull off the band aid, eat our peas. [ laughter ] >> this does come down to what can get through congress many republicans will not consider anything that involves a tax increase many democrats won't consider anything that doesn't involve a tax increase in washington doug luzader, fox news. >> thank you very much we will talk more about that this morning. later this afternoon at the white house the president will award a medal of honor to army sergeant first class arthur petri he will receive it for courageous actions during combat operations in afghanistan, 2008 he is only the second living active duty soldier to get the award. he will be honored in the east room of the white house in
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front of his wife and other family members. another big story today, a private funeral service held in california for former first lady betty ford. she will be remembered at st. margaret's in palm desert among those attending first lady michelle obama and nancy regan, rozalin carter, hillary clinton later in the day, the public will have a chance to say goodbye, mrs. ford will lie in repose at the church tomorrow morning her casket will travel to grand rapids michigan for burial alongside her husband thursday. absentee voting in northern virginia voters are selecting candidates in the house of delegates and state senate, absentee voting continues through august 20th the actual primary is on august 23rd. coming up 10 minutes past the hour, this tuesday morning just a few days after that texas rangers fan was killed trying to catch a foul ball at
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the baseball game scary seen at the all-star home run derby. the photo when we come back karen. less than two months before the move from walter reed to bethesda how one u.s. senator thinks the move will impact the neighbourhood 
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7:13 a.m. as we check headlines 10 members of britain's royal family and staff among the thousands allegedly hacked by journalists at the now closed news of the world newspaper. former british prime minister gordon brown says he is shocked by allegations he was hacked including his bank account and son's medical records, growing pressure from news corp., they are filing suit against news corp. the parent company of fox 5. the only space walk planned during atlantis' final visit to
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the international space station will begin in an hour and a half done by two astronauts that had already been at the orbiting station atlantis crew is unloading a year's worth of supplies using a robotic arm. all right, real close call at baseball's home run derby phoenix a fan dangled from 20 feet over a pool deck trying to catch a ball his brother and friend able to grab a hold of him by the legs and pull him back into the stands a few days after a fan fell to his death trying to catch a ball tossed up to him at a texas rangers game. oh, frightening photo. >> scary stuff. robinson canoe won the home run derby. >> this you go. >> he is a wealth of baseball knowledge in his head. >> he is a sports fan. >> heard from the a friend in phoenix, the roof was closed it was chilly with the air conditioning cranked up so high
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in the stadium. 115. i told you my son is really into football. he is 7 years old yesterday, they were doing a thing on tony romo and talk will he ever win a super bowl and i said to my son was romo on the list of top 100 players, of 2011 that they just voted he said yes, he was number 72. >> wow. >> how do you know what number he was? >> well, i saw the show. >> i am always amazed how you men can keep those stats in your head. >> i can't. i can't do that. >> i am amazed now is the time your son is interested in nfl football. >> i know now of all time. >> full ride. >> all right. let's look at what is going on out there. first of all our temperature just jumped from 78 to 83 degrees. >> 78 to 92. >> a couple more jumps to go. >> we do take a look at projected highs today love this new map this one created by our
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intern mike. isn't that nice. >> mike is a nice young man. >> he is. that map is much better than tuckers map. >> i would agree >> i am going to say yes. >> 99 we are kidding tucker. >> make it go away. >> 99 degrees your high in washington. check it out, washington, raleigh, chattanooga, we never mention chattanooga. you get it today, 103. satellite radar composite for the region. we had clouds over us pretty good rainfall, some of you yesterday with storms that rolled through all that activity to our south take a look another system out to our west moving across the midwest it is in the shape of a charging bull. isn't that interesting. >> that's right? >> yeah, that is what it looks like to me tucker what do you think? >> like look at the stars. >> he saw it too. >> your five day forecast 99
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today, thunderstorms later tomorrow better, lower humidity 92 and alison, thursday, friday, saturday, mid-80s and sunshine >> i don't know what they are putting in the weather guy's coffee to get them going like that in the morning. >> to see bulls on the map. >> draw it out. >> what's up julie. >> reporter: wait a minute, this is mike, this is the same kid you guys gave like a twin key to for his birthday. we are sucking up now had we known he was this good. >> he had to prove himself julie. >> reporter: go for the gold mike, have them take you to the palm instead. northbound 5 as you continue to work your way from cedarville road out towards brandy wine, all lanes open northbound, 4 conducted woodyard, other side of town, 270 check it out nice and clear leaving gaithersburg burg, rock dale, you guys doing
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the double nickel out towards the split, collins park at georgia avenue, there is the slow down southbound 29 at industrial this is a live shot traffic coming eastbound along 66 before you committed to belt way, accident reported squeezing the right side of the road, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. we have a traffic alert in the district you might want to avoid canal road northwest for let's just say the rest of the summer crews will be working only 48-inch water main on the eastbound side between mcarthur buzz voir dire and 45th one lane shut down -- boulevard and 45th one lane shut down between rush hours. also 9:30 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. when necessary the work is scheduled to continue through september 1st. >> traffic nightmare of larger proportions looming, maryland senator carden said there will
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be funding for the area when walter reed medical moves. >> why some people are convinced the government can't do enough to help. >> reporter: getting back and forth to the naval hospital across wisconsin to the metro station is already a challenge. people are coping as best they can with an eye to the future >> i don't drive i am a native new yorker so it is going to be what it is going to be but they are on their way. >> reporter: with 2500 walter reed hospital employees and 60% of patients moving here, it will only get worse. >> there is still going to be significant grid lock in this area. >> reporter: senator carden took a tour of the national naval center which already has 5,000 employees of its own and fisher house a temporary home to relatives who come here to visit wounded warriors, the good news he says is that with the move from walter reed mere months down the road help is on the way. >> we got direct funding under
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the fast access program that will bring money to this area, to deal with the unique traffic problems of wisconsin avenue. >> reporter: but tell that to people who live nearby. right across the street from the military hospital. all they can think about is the expected traffic nightmare. >> awful now getting out on wisconsin avenue during rush hour traffic especially from 3:00 p.m. on it is terrible. >> reporter: a few blocks down the street at the 8000 barbershop there were fewer complaints. >> it will be great. yeah, it will be great. >> reporter: why do you say that? >> yeah, going to have a lot of business for us. >> reporter: he is less concerned about parking and traffic woes but metro says it is on target for that pedestrian tunnel under wisconsin avenue plus a second entrance to the medical station all funded through brak. >> there is no real timeline on
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when the tunnel will be finished but construction will start within the next year or so. time now 21 minutes past the hour. the most hated company in the country right here in our area. see if you can guess who it is and then we will have their response when we come back. >> summer sports camps, art camp they can be fun but nothing quite like the new crime scene investigation camp at the national museum of crime and punishment. check that out here on fox 5, 7:21 a.m. we will be right back 
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back now on fox 5 morning news macy's shelling out $750,000 in fines. for not reporting that it had sold potentially dangerous kids clothing they sold outer ware with draw strings on the neck sweat shirts and jackets
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between 2006 and 2010 but those can pose a choking risk and some were on a recall list the fine is not for selling the clothes but not reporting the sales. clothes were sold at macy's and blooming dales owned by macy's. pepco now responding to being named as the most hated company in the nation. according to the american customer satisfaction index, that came out, business reports their rating went down sufficient points from last year. -- down 16 points from last year they beat out delta, comcast and bank of america for most hated. they responded while we certainly believe this label is over the top we have heard our customers loud and clear and are working to upgrade our system through hard work and advanced technology. how about no kids allowed, that will soon be the rule with one eatery in pennsylvania the owner of the restaurant, mcdane's restaurant and golf
7:26 am
center banning kids under age 6 because he said they just make too much noise nothing is wrong with baby's or toddlers but he says you can't control their volume and they disturb other customers. >> how do you feel about that? >> that is awful. awful >> i believe people have preferences and if they want to ban kids from restaurants, i don't think they should be condemned for that necessarily. >> what is your preference? >> my preference is go to a restaurant with no kids. >> pennsylvania restaurant owner believes most of his customers will support his new policy the ban will go into effect saturday. if you just are waking up you want to stay tuned up next an update on today's top stories and today's dangerously hot forecast. >> the president is asking top lawmakers to come to the white house with fresh ideas how to
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with irresistibly bold barbecue sauce. subway. eat fresh®. 7:29 a.m. let's get another look at top stories, baltimore city police issued an amber alert for this 8-year-old boy he was with a group of kids playing 6:30 p.m. last night when someone got out of a car and grabbed him they threw him in the trunk then
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sped off that car is a new model ford taurus, with maryland plates. former first lady betty ford will be remembered today during a private funeral service in palm desert california among those attending former president's bill clinton, george w bush first lady michelle obama and nancy regan, hillary clinton, rozalin carter mrs. carter will delever one of the eulogies. >> debt negotiations continue at the white house president obama met with lawmakers despite the marathon meeting no movement on reaching the debt ceiling, negotiators have only three weeks from today before the treasury department says they could begin to default on debt. tony is back as we continue to watch temperatures rise. >> they are going up as we speak we are now into the low 80s already. that is not a good sign but it is a sign of things to come later on today. let's look at current temperatures around the region.
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yep, indeed, regan national, up to 83 degrees, elsewhere, still in the 70s for the most part we are at 81 salisbury and 80 martins burg but right now we have 77 degrees at quantico, dulles, annapolis, baltimore 76 degrees at this hour the trend though, is better, today, very hot we are looking at a high of 99, 11 degrees above our average high for this day and if we get to 99 it will tie a record for the day. 92 tomorrow, that is improvement, lower humidity really good end of the week, temperatures mid-and upper 80s. it will feel much much better thursday, friday and saturday as well. here is a look at the satellite radar composite now we do have clouds, a couple light areas of rain, i suspect that is not hitting the ground down near fredericks burg you might get a rain drop or two but not much happening there most activity down the our south that rain
7:32 am
system we talked about earl yes in the shape of a charging bull, steve and alison there is the bull's horns moving east ward s it is running this way see it? you see it? thank you very much. in advance of the bull we have lots of clear air and we will get some of that sunshine working in for the middle part of the week the forecast for today, looks like this, heat advisory in effect noon until 8:00 p.m. feels like between 100 and 105 degrees partly cloudy hot and humid late thunderstorms possible here and there most of you won't get it some of you may, high 99 mild tonight spotty thunderstorms in the evening overnight low, 77, tomorrow i mentioned it will be better at 92, still a chance of an isolated thunderstorm or two but then less humid drier air, we don't have a chance of rain on those days at this point temperatures 80s it will be really nice for the end of the week. that is a look at what is happening with the weather now let's find out what is happening for traffic. >> i am surprised your weather
7:33 am
man theme isn't too hot from cool and the gang. >> it could be that. yes. >> for the younger kids nelly it is getting hot in here. >> that was what i was about to say but you should be doing the younger one. >> if i said nelly you would say who. >> no, i know nelly. >> inbound, cleveland parkway, heavy and slow towards south capitol street douglas bridge earlier this morning, an accident that is cleared branch avenue, 395 northbound, belt way to king street over the inbound 14th street bridge all lanes open travelling the outer loop into that sunshine, telegraph road lanes open a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you very much president obama challenged top lawmakers to come to the white house with fresh idea what to do about the debt ceiling. lucky you steven to be able to
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cover this, you know, looks like we are back at it once again today. anything constructive come out of yesterday beside it is president joked they were wearing ties. >> well, some members not in the earlier talks with vice president biden got the look at the package they had been working on a 1.5 trillion or so cuts both sides had been willing to talk about. that leaves them about a trillion dollars away though from an actual deal that would be around $2.5 trillion worth of cuts and there is not a whole lot of time to figure this out. we are three weeks away from a government shut down on steroids, massive effects on our economy the treasury secretary says would plunge us back into a recession, a lot of economists worried about all kinds of problems from that. sort of a mutually as sured destruction scenario if they push that red button and push us past the august 2nd date it could be terrible for all sides so they are trying to reach a deal but as long as republicans
7:35 am
say absolutely no new taxes, and as long as democrats say we are not going to sign on to a package large or small that doesn't have any tax increases on the wealthy, it is hard to see how you get there. >> how do you see it working out then? do you see -- besides that what will make the difference here? >> they are trying to cobble together somethings that look from the outside maybe like gimmicks, you know, ways to add a few hundred billion here or there. they have already included in that 1.5 trillion things that looked gimmicky let's sell off some of our broadcast spectrum and auction it off to tell come companies and other things that are not really spending cuts, that may be both sides can agree to, there is also the potential that they may be the republicans give more on defense spending that could get you a few hundred billion dollars here and there.
7:36 am
but in the end, maybe this ends up falling apart and then the president has a tough call to make because the republicans have said they might be willing to do a short term package if it came to that the president so far is saying he will veto that but it is a lot easier to say that now, it would be a lot easier to say that three weeks from now, if we are one or two days away from a catastrophic default. >> seems like right now everyone is trying to stick to their guns the president came out and said he kind of put a package together including as he said raising medicare eligibility age but as you mentioned that also included the tax increase, republicans are saying there is no way do you see the president possibly going with a short term thing even if it is getting closer to august 2nd. his biggest fear he didn't want this to continue to drag out as they get closer and closer to elections. >> he to far is sticking to his guns, his veto -- that is his
7:37 am
sword what he can say i am cutting the line here, but the problem is for both sides, real consequences, start happening, you know this would be a government shut down on total steroids, august 3rd and 4th things like social security payments go out. >> forget what we dealt with a couple months ago. >> that was just discretionary spending, a lot of people's jobs who are watching this program but it wasn't social security payments, wasn't medicare provider payments wasn't the potential for hospitals to shut down or benefits to be cut off, i mean the consequences would be much more dramatic if he didn't increase the debt ceiling. >> do you see anything other than an 11th hour deal or are they going to push it to the limit? >> i think they will push hard to get a deal by the end of this coming weekend, every day through you know until they get a deal and you know they are a trillion dollars apart if they can come up with $100 billion a
7:38 am
day they would be making good progress also potential for whether they can hobble together some revenue package and find some sort of magic asterisk offset you know that republicans can handle one thing both sides have been talking about is whether you have a permanent fix to alternative tax which is something that is going to hit tens of millions of americans and pair that with some small level of revenue increases, that get to both sides, to sort of say well, i got something i wanted. >> so many variables are easier said than done. we continue to talk about it and read about it we will look for your stuff in roll call thank you. >> great to be here. tuesday morning today dc councilman phil mendle son will introduce emergency legislation so dc residents can buy guns and get them legally back into the nations capitol he joins us in studio with a closer look other side of the break 's's
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dc councilman phil mendle son will introduce emergency
7:42 am
legislation to give gun buyers a way to get guns into the city again. they have been unable the legally -- to legally bring guns into the district dc councilman phil mendle son joins us. you have a busy day we appreciate you stopping by. the meat and potatoes you are looking to make dc a federal firearms licensee so this gap we are facing between the sole gun own inner dc losing his lease and more businesses getting into this business there is a way for gun owners to get their weapons. legally. >> correct now first this is not a problem of our own making this is a matter of federal law applies to all the states the interstate transportation of firearms, a person acquiring a gun from another state has to
7:43 am
go through a federal firearms license fsl there is only one in the district who commercially operates because the market is so small and so what we are trying to do is find a solution to that problem, that has been with us since april, and that is mainly there is no functioning fsl, so people who lawfully wish to acquire a handgun, they are unable to do so right now. >> would this be a temporary fix as you see it councilman? are you hoping there are other shops or this gentleman once again finds a place to operate his business what is the long term plan >> i would love it if mr. sikes could reopen i see it as a short term fix that the government would step in, would have to apply to the atf, federal atf to be a fsl and the
7:44 am
government would only operate if there was no private fsl. >> since the supreme court gave dc residents the legal right to have handguns and there is no way to legally transfer them it has opened up the city up to lawsuits. >> there is a lawsuit pending this really isn't about dc law and i don't think that the district is vol they shall as a result -- vulnerable as a result of the litigation but there is a whole issue of firearm possession mired in politics and the court and i just think this is a better way to go, to solve this problem, for the moment, and if we can get the private sector going gain then great. >> right now, the main issue, if i were seeking -- if i were a dc resident seeking to legally own a handgun there would be no way for me to do that at this moment. >> correct there is no way to
7:45 am
lawfully acquire the handgun, because you have to get it from out of state. >> right. >> because there is no functioning -- commercially functioning federal firearms licensee. >> someone is going to turn on their tv now and not hear the whole context of this issue again, dc residents did get the constitutional right to get weapons no one is saying everyone go out and get a handgun but this is the law and we need to be able to facilitate it. >> yeah, in 2008 the supreme court said the district's law, a complete prohibition on private individuals having handguns was unconstitutional and a person has a constitutional right for a handgun for self-protection in their home but a person who wants to newly acquire a gun goes to a gun dealer out of the district because there are none in the district or if it is a
7:46 am
gift from a friend they are legally supposed to bring it to a federal firearms licensee in the district and the only one, has gone temporarily out of business. i hope he can reopen. >> he is saying it is hard to find a location because of all the regulationrules and dc after all is a very small area. >> i am glad you are asking that because the zoning regulations which the council -- we are under the home elect not allowed to do zoning councilman is not, the zoning regulations, say that an fsl or a gun dealer, can operate in any commercial district, except for the smallest neighbourhood commercial district as a matter of right as long as they are no closer than 300 feet to a school, library, playground or church there are plenty of places in the city where an fsl could open but i mean, it is a little difficult but there are plenty of places the market is so small 1200 handguns
7:47 am
registered since 2008 and most of those were under the amnesty program in the first 6 months current fsl or the one just closed down, registry is about 6 to 10 per month not a big market. got to end it there we will be watching and reporting on your measure today, emergency legislation by phil mendle son. >> thank you very much. 7:47 a.m. on this tuesday morning, heat got me all mixed up watching those temperatures it is like i don't know, watching a slot machine. >> or the gas gauge going up. with the prices for our gas yeah temperatures going up like that today, a brutal one folks main information you need to know. summer heat is in full swing we have a heat advisory that goes into effect today until noon and will last until 8:00 p.m., and that is because during the peak hours we expect it to feel
7:48 am
like it is between 100 and 105 degrees also i want to mention a code orange air quality, unhealthy air for at risk groups elderly, very young those with respiratory problems 83 degrees current temperature washington 78 degrees annapolis, 79 stevensville, 78 dulles airport 77 quantico. your five day forecast high today, we should tie a record 99 degrees would do it we could see a couple afternoon thunderstorms pop up this afternoon and this evening, tomorrow not quite as hot, 92, and not quite as humid either and then thursday, friday and saturday, improvement, lower temperatures, lower humidity, not bad at all, as we close out the week. there you go that is the latest more coming up shortly. >> thank you very much 7:48 a.m. it is tuesday morning, curfew on a smoking ban being tackled
7:49 am
today by montgomery county council hey, holly. >> reporter: hey steve if you are like my kid has done every summer camp out there, thing again there is a brand new -- thing again there is a brand new summer camp first time ever museum of crime and punishment is having csi camp a chance for your kid to become a real crime scene invest gator. live next fox 5 morning news all good detectives need good gloves that is where we start kids 
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7:52 a.m. crime and punishment museum northwest dc allowing you to become an investigator for an entire week. >> reporter: holly is there to learn more about the csi camp how exciting. >> i know this is so fun the first time they have ever done this here at the museum and not happening until a couple weeks so there is still time for you
7:53 am
to sign your child up. it is good to see you. >> same here. >> reporter: tell me how you came up with this idea. >> well, we actually had a lot of guests enchoir about it, -- enquire about it a few years ago. with us being new it took time to develop it we had so many mothers contact us we decided to roll it out this year. >> reporter: very cool let's talk about what the kids get to experience. >> well, they are going to get to do a little bit of what they see on tv only they will have some forensic folks teach them how to do it the right way so they are going to follow a case throughout the week and learn how to solve it doing the techniques that forensic experts do. >> everyone is having fun except for fred here. >> this is our poor victim dead fred so they are going to analyze the case and look at
7:54 am
what weapon was possibly used, as you can see there was some weapon used that caused that blood splatter pattern so then they will get to look at that pattern and look at the different devices that could have possibly done that. >> reporter: the really cool thing you are doing it in a fun way but you never know you might inspire a little crime scene investigator. >> absolutely that is what we hope to do. >> reporter: well, you brought up the blood spatter thank you so much as we head on over here, we will look at things kids get to do. jackie good morning one of our forensic experts my first lesson was that it is blood spatter not blood splatter so tell me what these kids are learning and doing and figuring out. >> back here they are doing some cast off patterns and a cast off pattern is what happens when there is blood on the weapon and the force of swinging the weapon makes the blood fly off.
7:55 am
>> she is doing it with a crew driver you can tell by how it spatters that a screw driver was used. >> some times you can try to nary owe down what weapon might -- narrow down what weapon might have been used we have a couple weapons they try out and then compare that to the crime scene pattern. >> see if it matches. >> exactly see if we can figure out what the murder weapon is what weapon we need to look for closely at for possible other evidence. >> reporter: that is not the only blood spatter out there. >> no, there are quite a few kinds and we have a station set up for passive stains, that is different from a cast off stain cast off stain there is a lot of force behind it the person wielding the weapon is swinging it cast off would be if they are standing still and your weapon is dripping blood nothing but gravity p. for that, we have these droppers and some fake blood. and there are a couple different things you can use
7:56 am
cast off stains -- passive stains for. over here there are different surfaces each surface is going to effect how the blood lands on it if i drop a single drop on to a newspaper, it will form a pattern that has kind of a scalloped edge around it. but it will be perfectly round because it is passive there is no angle to it it is a 90- degree angle. >> anyone have questions for our forensic expert? you guys know everything? who killed dead fred? >> we don't know yet we don't have enough evidence but we are going to continue to work the case maybe we will come up with some questions our website, this is cool, we have a link to national museum of crime and punishment they are having three sessions, some for 12 and up some 10 to 14 they range from $275 to $435 if you want the find out specifics check it out we will continue
7:57 am
to investigate in our next hour back to you. >> good future. holly thank you. 7:56 a.m. on tuesday morning next hour, dc mayor vince grey will join us live. >> for the first time in several weeks, gas prices going back up find out why when fox 5 morning news returns 
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
we are back at 8:00 a.m. staying on top of a developing story an amber alert issued in maryland after an 8-year-old boy da man got out of a car grabbed the boy put him in the trunk and drove off. dc mayor vince grey joins us live with more on what is going on in marvin gay park today and other issues impacting the city. we were on a good run for a couple weeks gas prices going back up find out why later this hour thanks for being with us this tuesday morning i am steve. >> i am alison seymour interested to find out why i am paying more. >> we will find out shortly. >> also want to know why i am
8:01 am
sweating it out so much. >> this is our second summer in a row where we have probably an excessive number of days 90 degrees plus last summer we had like 67 no, couldn't have been 67 was it? yeah. crazy. let's hope we don't do that this year. >> you stumped yourself with that statistic. what? >> yeah, that is how big it is. >> your heat advisory for today. >> heat advisory in effect from noon until 8:00 p.m. here in washington all of the counties colored there, because our heat will be in the upper 90s temperatures, humidity high that makes it feel like it is 100 to 105 degrees tough day current temperatures area airport, 83 regan national, 76 bwi marshall, partly sunny, hazy, hot, humid can't rule out stray afternoon and evening
8:02 am
thunderstorms highs upper 90s looking far high in washington 99 degrees if we get there it will tie the record for the day more on the weather coming up more amazing weather. >> even tony can't believe it. >> thanks so much. >> let's check with julie. good morning. >> good morning you guys we are still busy out there on the roads this morning coming inbound, route 50 trying to work out towards the bw parkway stalled car tied up the right side of the roadway keeping you on the brakes, leaving river dale headed in towards the northeast, inbound, 66, 29 centerville where you have the crash left side of the roadblocked delays, back in business, 234 out of monassis traffic flows, 2100, capitol belt way again at the belt way, cleared inbound stretch, canal road coming in across the chain bridge. as you leave out bound headed back in virginia, headed out
8:03 am
towards arizona avenue a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you. an 8-year-old boy grabbed off the streets in front of friends put in the trunk of a car and taken away this happened in baltimore, now an amber alert is in effect for the entire state for little derek brown junior police hope the public can help track down the boy and potential suspects stacy has been following the story. >> it is a scary story, a little boy aged 8 snatched off the street 6:30 p.m., still very light outside now we have a picture of that boy i know you just showed it, let's show it again derek brown junior 8 years old on the streets of baltimore with his friends, 6:30 p.m., a car drove up witnesses say two men got out of the car grabbed derek and threw him into a trunk before speeding off we have a picture of a vehicle that resembles the one used in this attack it is a light green newer model ford taurus, something that looked
8:04 am
just like that maryland tags we don't know what the tag number was on the car police are asking anyone who had been in that area, southwestern baltimore, anyone who may have seen a suspicious vehicle or any idea where derek is to breeze give them a call. that amber -- to give them a call that amber alert they have not heard from derek brown since then his family is concerned police have interviewed family and children with him at the time of the abduction. an amber alert out to try to locate this young boy. back to you. >> thanks very much. facebook and e-mail accounts of a teenage murder victim focus of what lead to her death. 16-year-old felicia barnes went missing last december visiting her sister in baltimore. she is from north carolina her body found five months later in the river. according to reports fbi looking into whether she was a victim of sexual exploitation
8:05 am
or childpornography before she was killed. >> another arrest in the murder of a man during the caribbean festival northwest last month. monday police took 19-year-old terrence book northeast into custody two others face murder charges, 43-year-old robert foster junior was shot to death just after the parade was wrapping up three others were wounded in that shooting. >> surveillance video lead police to a 23-year-old woman accused in the brutal murder of a well known business owner prince georges county police say ashley owens was seen inside the property just before the april murder of richard nam in that convenience store she confessed to stabbing him with a boxcutter beating him with a chain saw stealing $2,000 in cash she then allegedly set the market on fire to cover up the crime. i think it is great why you going to kill some body. never did nothing wrong to no body he is a good guy. was a good guy. still is in my heart so god
8:06 am
rest his soul. owens and nam didn't know each other but they don't know what set off the altercation. president obama challenging congressional leaders to return to the white house today. still no compromise on raising the debt ceiling before they met yesterday the president said there will be no agreement on the debt celling if republicans don't budge on tax increases. they will go at it again today. a ceremony to honor this man this brave soldier, army sergeant first class arthur petri will be awarded the medal of loan norfor courageous honor only the second living active duty soldier to get the award he will be awarded in east room of the white house in front of his wife and other family. another big story funeral of former first lady betty ford
8:07 am
among those attending former president's bill clinton and george w bush first lady michelle obama and nancy regan and hillary clinton mrs. carter will deliver one of the eulogies, today's service is invitation only but it will be televised. virginia holding a primary election next month absentee voting already under way. voters in the common wealth electing candidates to the house of delegates to the state senate some primaries are not contested in person absentee balloting will continue through august 20th. montgomery council in maryland expected to discuss a smoking proposal, multi family dwellings, hallways, laundry rooms within 25 feet of any playground area. it would not apply to
8:08 am
playgrounds owned by maryland national park. taking up a proposed curfew for teens, 18 and younger that bill would impose an 11:00 p.m. curfew, sunday through thursday night 12:01 a.m. curfew on weekends minors barred from public places in the county until 5:00 a.m. the next morning parents could be held responsible for allowing children to violate that curfew. 8:08 a.m. on tuesday morning coming up next, vince grey joins us live with a look at what is going on in the city. >> days after a texas rangers fan was killed trying to catch a ball at the ballpark a scary scene at the home run derby last night what happened here when we come back @@@t
8:09 am
8:10 am
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in the granola bar aisle. 8:11 a.m., former british prime minister gordon brown says he is shocked by allegations he was hacked by reporters at the news of the world tabloid. including his bank account and his son's medical records. rue pert murdoch's news corp.
8:12 am
which owns fox 5 may face a possible bribery investigation. the only space walk planned during atlantis' final trip to the international space station is scheduled to begin in a half hour. it is being done by two astronauts already at the orbiting station now the atlantis crew is unloading a year's worth of supplies using a robotic arm. close call baseball's home run derby in phoenix last night watch the top right corner of your screen. right there. >> oh, boy. >> close call the fan dangling 20 feet over the pool deck his brother and friend were able to grab hold of him by the leg and pull him back into the stands, this is after a tragedy down in texas last week it is very close to a lot of people fortunately no injuries. probably not worth it. as a fan and aficionado of sorts, could baseball sort of
8:13 am
make that an illegal move do you think? >> no. >> it is part of the game what fans are going to do. fan discretion. all right well, i am glad he is okay sorry about the loss earlier though. more encouraging news? >> good news to go with the heat we are expecting let's cool things down. >> we absolutely need it the cool down factor known as the my first 5 photo of the day take a look, oh,. >> oh, my gosh she gave me goose bumps. >> a newbie. >> emily and boy, this song applies today she was born on the 4th of july. >> how about that. >> weighing 9 pounds 12-ounces. >> big baby. >> yes, she is. yeah. remember those little mittens they used to have to wear. >> that takes me back. >> when you are brand new she is adorable. very very cute if you want to send us -- thank you for sending that in and congratulations we should say. >> really. >> yes to the whole family there. >> nice little red, white and
8:14 am
cute. >> yeah, very appropriate also for the 4th of july. >> exactly. >> steve thank you for putting it all together by the way let me mention we have found, this very cute video of a baby, that has gone viral during the last day or so we will show it at 9:30 a.m. this morning really really great if you want to send your baby's photo go to click on mornings. here is a look at the satellite radar composite cloud cover across the region. we do have a couple sprinkles showing up south of prince edward island ricks burg i doubt if anything -- fredericks burg i doubt if anything is hitting the atmosphere it is a drop or two. storm system, midwest, east, southeast like yesterday's storm system current temperatures around the nation. right now dc, guess what that says 83, just updated to 84 degrees, 84 degrees now, warm
8:15 am
down south, you are going to see temperatures over 100 degrees places like little rock, atlanta i am not sure if they are over 100 or not but very very warm southeast united states and south central plains as well. five day forecast, 99 degrees maybe a couple scattered showers and thunderstorms, heat advisory in effect, code orange unhealthy air quality at risk groups tomorrow a little relief 92 thursday, friday, saturday much better highs mid-80s. that is a look at what is happening with weather now an update on traffic here is julie wright with that. >> all right tony i just got a hit off twitter, from holly who says she found an accident southbound side 270 approaching 370 heads up there further south lanes are open out of rockville doing the double nickel head out towards the split no incidents south of shady grove road, near exit 9,
8:16 am
370 along the south side, accident activity pulled over to the shoulder our lanes are open once again big delays business 234 out of monassis traffic flows again 7100 to the belt way. all right thank you very much. 8:15 a.m. 8:16 a.m. just turned over. leave your kids at home if you want to eat at one pennsylvania restaurant. >> the owner is banning children under 6 years old he said they make too much noise jeremy campbell has reaction to this decision. this family of four dining outcomes with decisions. >> find a place where your kids are going to be happy and have a good time, good kids menu. >> carrie smith is very upset any restaurant would deny service to her son because he is younger than 6 years old. >> how do you feel about that? >> that is awful. awful. >> many adults don't think it is a bad idea. >> i do believe people have preferences and if they want to
8:17 am
ban kids from restaurants, i don't thing they should be condemned for that necessarily. >> what is your preference? >> my preference is go to a restaurant with no kids. >> what types of bad behaviour do people see from children at restaurants we ask children who have seen a lot of tables servers. >> some parents allow children to run around the restaurant from a service stand point when carrying large trays of food it can be a nuisance to have children running around not sitting at the table. >> it is a pity because with a little bit of coaching from parents, that could be avoided. >> joe ann teaches etiquette classes for kids keeping children as well mannered as these are at a restaurant table begins in their own dining room. >> they can have one night let's pretend we are dining in a castle and another night it could be like we are at a fast food restaurant so -- or a picnic i think in that way they could spell the difference.
8:18 am
>> when it comes to manners some say not all is child's play. >> let's face it what are you supposed to do a child will be a kid and even then look at some adults they act worse than the kids do. >> i agree with you sir. you are right. >> sorry. >> okay my turn that was fox's jeremy campbell reporting, mcdane's believes most customers will support his new policy. >> ban goes into effect saturday. so -- >> i know you are caught up in the story. >> i was caught up in it. >> you are giving your own commentary on the side. >> you don't have to worry about my business mcdanes. >> all right let them know. >> speaking of the hate spewing from alison this morning, the most hated company in the country can you guess what it is? >> yes. >> don't say it we will share who gets title of the most hated company in our own backyard when we come back. >> not good. summer sports camps and art camps are fun but there is
8:19 am
nothing quite like the new crime scene investigation camp. it is going on at the national museum of crime and punishment we will check that out later on fox 5 morning news stay with us  [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life? i think it can. one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love. then we discovered chex cereals. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor, and that's amazing to a mom like me. as a parent you don't want to have to tell your kids "no" all the time. it's nice for me to be able to say "yes" to something that they want to eat.
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the government has hit macy's with a big fine they will have to pay $750,000 for not reporting it sold kid's clothing that could be dangerous they have a draw string on the neck but could choke some body. the fine on macy's is not for selling the clothes but rather for not telling consumer products safety commission about the sale. >> pepco is firing back at the most hated company in america title, according to the american customer satisfaction index the business reports their rating declined 16 points, pepco beat out companies like delta, comcast, bank of america for the number one infamous spot on that list. they responded with a statement saying quote while we certainly believe this label is over the top we have heard our customers loud and clear and are working hard to upgrade our system we are committed to upgrading and modernizing through hard work and advanced technology. >> another thing that gets
8:23 am
folks blood boiling, gas prices. have you noticed they are going back up now? in our next half hour we will take a look at why. >> an update on today's top stories, dangerously hot weather forecast. fox weather will be right back with hopes, dreams, challenges. today, we do more than just walk the same streets. for a moment, we get to walk in their shoes, preparing us for what lies ahead down our next road. colonial williamsburg. be part of the story. plan your stay at, with packages starting at just $99 per person per night.
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let's take another look at our top stories including this important story an amber alert in effect for this 8-year-old boy, derek charles junior was with a group of kids in baltimore 6:30 p.m. last night someone got out of a car, grabbed him and threw him in the trunk of the car it is described as a new model ford taurus with maryland plates, he was last seen wearing black shortt-shirt with a rocket on the front. >> betty ford will be remembered during a funeral service in california among those attending, president bill
8:27 am
clinton and george w bush, first lady michelle obama and nancy regan, today's service is invitation only but will be televised. debt talks continue at the white house again today president barack obama will meet with lawmakers again today. despite the marathon meetings, still no movement towards reaching an agreement on raising the debt ceiling negotiators have only three weeks from today before the treasury department says the government could begin to default on debt. gas prices just keep on creeping back up according to triple-a average price of a gallon of regular unleaded up a penny in dc, maryland and virginia seeing the same. virginia 3.5 $4 so why are prices going back up now? let's get incite from liz mcdonald good morning i was kind of getting used to the
8:28 am
prices dropping for a couple weeks what is going on now? >> reporter: i know. was kind of great what is going on supply is huge even though we had a release out of the spr and iea coming back, backing up the president with 30 million- barrels, backing up from the reserve but there was a lot of talk we were going to see $5 a gallon by memorial day or by july, you know what we are not seeing that we are seeing 3.64 average nationwide that is correct is basically off the high we saw in may -- that is basically off the high we saw in may. 10% below the $4 a gallon or so we saw in july of 08. so we are in sort of a sweet spot we are not seeing $5 a gallon, nationwide just yet steve. >> do you think that is still a possibility? or people watching this so closely including yourself, the forecast is still warning about
8:29 am
at some point we could get up to that mark? >> it is interesting i am so in tuned and so are we at fox business where gas prices are it really hit it is american wallet, so quickly and so hard. the good news i have been talking to economists on wall street and they are saying no, to $5 a gallon for gas. this year they are seeing -- basically economy issue, in other words the worldwide economy is still in slow motion recovery mode demand is still weak supply issues yes, there is a concern, the fact that demand is still weak means gas probably won't hit $5 a gallon before the end of the year back to you. >> the good news we survived memorial day, 4th of july now we have to see if we can survive labor day and whatever else is coming our way throughout the rest of the summer. >> thank you so very much look forward to talking to you prices have come back down great to see them under $3 a
8:30 am
gallon. liz mcdonald, fox business. it is tough when you get to the point where $3.60 a gallon, means it is something we should be celebrating. >> she put it in really good perspective i forgot about all the talk of it going up to that mark so it is what it is it is something we all must do. >> too expensive for me. >> you too. >> any way. >> it is what it is now what is going on weather wise. >> lots of heat talking about it last couple days again the advisory here, don't leave your pets outdoors for long periods of time and your parents air conditioning working? >> it is a hold thing the system is 20 years old they might have to bite the bullet and get a new system. there you go, heat advisory goes into effect 12 noon a couple more hours, until 8:00 p.m. tonight, a combination of high temperatures later today, upper 90s. a couple triple digits and humidity heat index pushing 105 plus around here later today. we got a heat advisory in
8:31 am
effect 12 noon today, 84 regan national, 8:30 a.m., 84 degrees. 80 baltimore, 83 at the naval air station typically mountains a little better, 81 winchester, these temperatures will jump quickly well into the 90s here, by the noon hour unfortunately satellite radar showers, pretty good thunderstorms last night too, rolling through during the evening hours, well to the east, north and west, a cold front will bring in slightly drier air starting tomorrow night andtomorrow. generally dry isolated risk cooler and dryer air will filter in over the next couple days it will get better from here but we have to get through the afternoon first. 99 this afternoon again don't be surprised if a few of us don't hit triple digits, 92 tomorrow, a little less humidity, check it out end of the week, thursday, friday, saturday, a lot less humidity.
8:32 am
>> let's look at weather, update in a couple minutes,. tucker thank you health alert for you now temperatures expected to be near triple digits today more important than ever to protect yourself from the sun. >> no doubt, just grabbing a bottle off the shelves and putting it on might not be enough. nick shows us the best ways to save your skin. >> reporter: that is the most common mistake we see. dermatologist brent moody is talking about people not applying enough sun screen on their body he recommends 2- ounces. >> right here is 2-ounces of sun screen each of these jars is one ounce this is how much a teenager and adult needs to apply to thoroughly cover their entire body. >> reporter: that is a lot. >> more than most people are using. >> reporter: when looking for the right sun screen to buy. >> i tell my patients to look for spf of 30 or higher,. >> reporter: the other thing to look for are these two words on
8:33 am
the bottle. broad spectrum it mean it is product has been tested to protect you from both uva and uvb rays once you buy the sun screen the rest is up to you. like when you put it on. >> i recommend and most manufacturers recommend 30 minutes ahead of time. >> don't wait until you get to the pool or beach. >> it is important to reapply. >> i think you need to reapply about every 2 hours to have maximum coverage that number will decrease with heavy sweating or swimming. if you are getting very wet you may need to reapply every hour. >> a few areas of the body that get neglected ears and lips, dr. moody says look for spf 30 lip balm do not use lip gloss. what if it is cloudy do you still need to wear sun screen? >> absolutely cloud cover, very little blocking of ultraviolet light it may look dark but your skin is getting damaged. dr. moody recommends
8:34 am
specially made sun protective clothing like this shirt for swimming or any outdoor activity. he says taking all these precautions is always better than the alternative. >> what we are seeing is a greater number of skin cancer cases every year, most recent evidence shows 3.5 million skin cancers will be diagnosed in the united states this year alone. >> fox news. 8:34 a.m. on tuesday morning coming up next we will reveal our job of the day. >> also a look at a growing controversy over the district about how much some top leaders make. fox 5 morning news right back after this, now 8:34 a.m. memyyh
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
breaking news concerning the amber alert looking for a little 8-year-old boy in the ball more area abducted -- baltimore area abbucketted last night the amber alert went out last night we have good news to report that little boy has just been found in a row house in southwest baltimore and apparently, he is okay. police have one suspect in custody they are not yet saying who that person is or if it is any relation to that young boy.
8:38 am
the good news the amber alert cancelled the little boy missing has been found in southwest baltimore and he is okay. >> great news stanks steve. -- thanks steve. >> looking for work our job of the day with american society for training and development in alexandria looking for a meeting planner for more go to click on the job shop tab top of the home page. >> some are calling for a salary cap for dcs top city jobs current police chief, kathy makes more than $250,000 a year, and 230,000 of that is her base pay the rest is from the department wide increases extra pay for her 20 years of service the school's chancellor makes $275,000, ward 3 council woman mary says there is a cap on executive pay of $179,000. >> if the mayor wants to pay
8:39 am
more than that he has to come to council for approval he has done two things in legislation he sent over one he asked for salary amounts in excess of $179,000 for four position and asked for us to create two new grades, tiers that would allow salaries raised to $279,000 even though council approval would still be necessary. >> council woman says the council eliminated any new tiers of pay council is voting on the salary cap today. time now 8:39 a.m., summer sports camps, arts camps certainly fun. >> there is nothing quite like the new crime scene investigation camp. it is going on at national museum of crime and punishment holly morris is there good morning detective. >> reporter: good morning and right now i am learning how to do a micro cell cast of a bite mark where else can you larn to do that? you can't learn any where else except at the crime and punishment museum where we are live and they are gearing up
8:40 am
for the first ever csi camp how to sign your kid up and what experience is next fox 5 morning news stay with us t
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
district of columbia working to redevelop marvin gay park northeast and turn it into a hub for healthy recreation, outdoor activity civic participation. natural green park is opening, that part of urban revitalization and part art. vince grey joins us live with more from the park. mayor grey good morning. >> reporter: good morning how are you? >> doing well thank you. >> you are out and about there at marvin gay park we did the nuts and bolts how important is this event today? >> hugely important because it continues our ongoing commitment to really rejuvenate this area of the city. i had the honor at one point of being the ward 7 councilmember we focused a lot on this area, lincoln heights surrounding area, we re-established the park areas over here with a
8:44 am
commitment to green spaces, and today, working with you know the planters grove folks this is yet another opportunity to bring green space and recreational area to this area of the city. >> i want the get to positive news i don't want this to be the last question and we don't have time to talk about it you had a pretty big summit yesterday dealing with issues out of ward 8. >> it was a great summit 600 people came out, we are really committed to the economic development of ward 8, it was wonderful to see the enthusiasm of people, the priorities were highly consistent with the ones that we have talked about a lot and that is working on education, bringing economic development to the area and working to make the community safe. i think it was the largest gathering of people around this kind of issue frankly in the history of ward 8. and people were there the entire day. >> staying on the issue of ward
8:45 am
8, test scores for the city, positive news looking up for reading and mathematics and some of our schools, councilman barry though, saying that it is not the -- the wealth isn't spreading around as quickly as he would like to see in ward 8 for some high school students there. how do you deal with the discrepancies. >> well, frankly, education has to be a part of the rejuvenation of ward 8 we have made that commitment, first of all we have substantially renovated the high school, that will be complete very soon and i have made a commitment now to completely rebuild, balu high school we have started planning for that it will take two years to get it done and we will have a completely rebuilt high school we are working on middle schools, elementary schools one of the most important commitments we have made is to early childhood education to give our kids across the city and especially east of the river communities an
8:46 am
opportunity to start school at age three, going to give them that head start, that two years additional education that i think will get them even more ready to benefit from public education. >> earlier today we had councilman phil mendle son on talking about e moreski legislation he is proposing the emergency -- emergency legislation he is proposal to council filling a void left behind by the sole gun supplier in the dc area, losing his lease can you give us your thoughts on this issue? >> i have not seen the legislation, all of it that the councilman is proposing we know we have got to be able to re- establish a presence of someone who will receive firearm that is come into the city so they can be transferred to those who have bought them we are working with the person, who previously operated this business to try to find him a new location one of my concerns is that we not
8:47 am
establish frankly a government agency or certainly metropolitan police department as the entity receiving it you know you thing about it the police department is out trying to stop crime and especially stop gun violence i really don't want to see the chief and those working with her in the situation where they are receiving guns and transmitting those guns to people to be used for whatever purpose in the city. >> very good let's talk about metro for a minute a little good news encouraging news for riders, foggy bottom getting a new esculator the system seems to be plagued with inconvenience of the broken esculators, your thoughts on that. >> it is we have a lot of esculators down this is a long standing problem that has to be addressed. a lot of us have a lot of confidence in the new general manager, to be able to begin to address these issues, we along with maryland and virginia made a commitment $50 million a year to invest in infrastructure of
8:48 am
the metro. that would give us $300 million a year to begin to address some of these long standing infrastructure problems. you know we've had what certainly many many argue is the best rapid rail system, transfer system in the world and we need to make the investments in order to sustain it that has to begin now >> i know, sir you downsized the summer jobs program a little bit to make it a neater entity if you will. are kids getting their pay checks on time? system going as you hoped? >> it is going predominantly well it is run very smoothly end of this week we will be half we through the program we have had 14,126 kids employed this summer i believe the largest summer youth employment program in the nation we are very pleased with it at this stage the first payday will be this week, and we hope that goes smoothly we've worked on that aspect of it as well as
8:49 am
other aspects of it assuming that goes smoothly i think we will have one of the most successful summer youth employment programs in the history of the city. >> i believe in youth programs i am happy to hear that. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you alison. >> this morning, holly morris is with youngsters as well playing detective. >> she is learning all about their csa camp holly good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everybody love as good who dun it when you come to ca section camp for a week's time you get to -- csi camp for a week's time you get to find out this is the first time the museum has had the camp the kids get to do a lot of fun things we are engaging in another activity jackie and emily are my forensic experts what are we doing now? >> casting a shoe print, using dental stone we have mixed the
8:50 am
powder with the water and now -- squeeze at the bottom too. we are pouring it on this so that it runs down into the print. >> it is a little lumpy. >> as we watch them do this, what are some of the things of the activities kids are going to do throughout the week's time and do you think they are surprised how much different evidence collection and analysis techniques there are out there? >> well, it is all based around one case but even that one case uses a lot of different kinds of evidence we are going to have an entire day just devoted to fingerprints, shoe prints, bite marks impressions evidence and there are a lot of different kinds of fingerprints and ways to lift them and variety of how that works and how the comparison process works, that is quite a bit of information so it is going to be a lot of fun i think. >> so wait a minute you are going to do one whole day of that you mean every crime is not solved within a one hour tv
8:51 am
show? >> don't forget the commercials more like 35 minutes. >> so that is one of the things we learn actually, being a forensic expert it takes time and patience. >> it does. >> and due diligence. >> a lot of attention to detail open mindedness you have to look at things not everyone knows might be evidence even a piece of trash or gum stuck to the bottom of the chair could be evidence that gives important information to a case. >> emily what do you think will be fun things kids remember about camp? >> i love the fingerprints it is my favorite >> why? >> it is face nateing everybody has different -- fascinating everybody has different fingerprints. >> it is your calling card. >> yes,. >> does anyone have questions? oh, we have a question your name. >> jada. >> what exactly is inside of that casting. >> what exactly -- what tool are you using here? >> dental stone the brand called cast stone it is the stuff dentists use when they
8:52 am
make a mold of your teeth not the gummy stuff they put in your mouth but when they take it back and make that hard mold that looks like your teeth they use this. so it is very good for very small details because the ridges in your teeth are very minor good for picking up the little details. >> usually when we are doing different kinds of evidence collection and things like that we talk about it taking time you don't get a lot of instant results. >> no. >> you have to wait for things to come back and then the whole comparison part. >> yes, for instance fingerprints, we can start lifting fingerprints. >> that way we can put you all in the system. you know what that means? if you ever do anything we've got you. they didn't tell you it was going to be scary right? >> doesn't matter which one if you have a favorite take that one rub it on the side of your nose and put it down on the glass and pull it straight back
8:53 am
up you guys are familiar with the tool in front of you magnetic powder lifter put the magnetic end into the powder he we use magnetic powder rather than the black powder they use on tv because that is a mess and it is lighter than air and gets through everything. >> really just looks good on tv. >> right this is the good stuff. >> the good stuff is what you learn when you come out to csi camp at the crime and punishment museum in a couple weeks they have three sessions some sessions are for 12 and up and then a session for 10 to 14- year-olds you want to make sure you enrol your child in the right one go to we have a link ranges in price from $275 to $435 depending which camp session you do. coming up in our next hour we continue to investigate maybe we will find out who dun it. >> look at them all engrossed in their fingerprinting not listening to me. >> new found skills.
8:54 am
holly thank you. 8:54 a.m. on tuesday morning next hour a video sure to make you smile, super cute stuff we will share that at 9. >> also at 9 the first lady is out and about visiting a new hot spot in dc more on that too. stay with us 9:00 a.m. hour coming right up o
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
well, we want to say good morning to our facebook fan to have day. we get a little double duty our fan of the day is jamie hill, jamie is from fredericks burg she says fox 5 is the only way to wake up especially if you have already been up all night with a new baby boy. so we would like to include your little baby boy as part of our fan of the day good morning congratulations you guys look very happy and alert and awake this morning if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook searching
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for fox 5 morning news and post a comment under the photo of jamie and her little baby boy. marine fighting in afghanistan made a plea for a date with a hollywood a lister and did it online here is a little bit of it. >> hey, mila, sergeant warren you can call me scott i want to invite you to the marine corps ball, november 18th, greensville north carolina with yours truly take a second, thing about it get back to me. it got posted on youtube asking mila to be his date for the ballroom the friends with benefits star heard about it from justin timber lake. >> is there really a video? >> watch this really sweet. >> it is november you have to go. >> okay. >> we are going to work this out. we are going to work this out. >> we are going to make this happen. >> sure. >> nice justin timber lake gets involved the ball is november 18th, greenville north carolina so we will see if she
8:59 am
shows up. >> that does it for this hour of fox 5 morning news one more hour to go tony and alison will take us to 10:00 a.m. all right steve thank you very much good morning everybody i am tony perkens. >> i am alison seymour. welcome to fox morning news in the 9:00 a.m. hour there is breaking news out of baltimore an amber alert appeared to have worked an 8- year-old boy found after being snatched off the street and thrown into the trunk of a car we have the latest in a live report. >> plus what is happening in the middle east, attacks on the u.s. embassy and ambassadors residence in syria, libya remains a hot spot what is going on with leadership in both countries expert incite. >> on a much much lighter note a video that will surly put a smile on your -- surely put a smile on your face a very sleepy baby still happy to see you. you don't want to miss it

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